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Dear Parents (Nur to Class 12),

Hope you are keeping well and staying safe. I understand that students are facing difficulties during this lockdown period but we are trying our level best to support our students and stand by them during this time of crisis.

You must be aware that we have started our online classes from 13th April onwards for our students. We are sharing subject wise videos and assignments through our school portal where the students have to go through the videos, finish the assignments and mail the same to us.  Our teachers check the assignments and reply to every student individually on a daily basis. We have also started live interactive doubt clearing sessions through video conferencing for our students of classes 5 to 12. We have also designed a module for conducting online tests for students, which has been successfully trialled recently during the retest of classes 9 and 11. 

The post lockdown scenario for schooling is going to witness a sea change in the way education is imparted and we all should accept that online teaching-learning platforms will not fade away very soon. We will be sharing the syllabus with students and shall soon start conducting online periodic assessments as per the schedule given in the School Almanac. Syllabus and Test Schedule will also be displayed on our school website. Students will be given sufficient training for such online tests. 

I, as the head of the institution, would expect that you, as a responsible parent, would ensure that your ward take these online teaching-learning practices seriously and participates in the same manner as they do when they attend school physically. It is for their own benefit that they actively engage themselves in the online teaching-learning modules as we are going to increase the number of classes in the coming days. Please note that we are keeping the attendance record of the students for all the live doubt clearing sessions.

I also expect that, in order to maintain the decorum and discipline of the school, students should wear school uniform during the live online interactive sessions. I believe that wearing the school uniform, even when they are attending online live classes, would give them a feeling of school environment during the sessions. 

The students who are facing genuine problem because of internet connectivity issues will be given an extended support once the lockdown is lifted. 

DPS Siliguri

Friday, 22nd May 2020